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Don’t leave your child’s birth injury due to error to chance

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Have you ever heard the phrase, things just happen? Well when it comes to something life-altering like a child’s birth injury, this phrase can leave many feeling empty and unsatisfied. It is completely understandable that the parents of a child suffering from a birth injury would be seeking more fulfilling answers to their questions about the causes behind the birth injury. Suspicions about the causes or events leading up to a child’s birth injury can potentially be validated by evidence.

There isn’t any easy way to discover that your child has suffered injury that puts them at a disadvantage from the moment they are born. Some birth injuries occur during gestation, other children suffer injury during the labor process. These incidences of birth injury are sometimes avoidable on account of doctor or hospital intervention or treatment. Personal injury suits can result in compensation on behalf of the injured child. Compensation is appropriate when a doctor or related party makes an avoidable mistake before, during or just following a child’s birth. The damages paid by a negligent party can help cover expenses related to treatment for the child’s injury. This can be instrumental to the child’s rehabilitation. Injuries that the child suffered during gestation or birth can equate to lifelong problems.

While there isn’t a always a clear explanation for your child’s birth injury, it doesn’t mean the true cause cannot be discovered. Investigations into the days or hours leading up to a child’s injury can help determine the cause or causes. An investigation can help to determine fault in a child’s birth injury, if such fault exists. People in New Mexico who think that their child was a victim of medical malpractice should understand their potential legal options.