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April 2017 Archives

Who besides drivers may be liable for New Mexico car accident?

Many people in New Mexico understand that driving can be a dangerous activity. After all, motor vehicles are large, very heavy objects travelling at high speeds. Due to the laws of physics, when these objects attempt to occupy the same space at the same time, the forces that are created are substantial. When these forces are applied to the human body, the result is often serious injury.

How does New Mexico define nursing home abuse?

As medical technology and our understanding of human biological processes advance, people are often living longer, healthier lives. While this is probably a good thing in general, it can also lead to some unintended consequences. Because our ability to maintain the functions of physical life outstrips our ability to treat some of the other effects of aging, some older individuals find themselves in situations where it is difficult for them to live independently, either due to conditions affecting their mental capacity, or simply needing more care than their family or loved ones can give. This means that more and more people have to make the difficult decision to place an older family member in a nursing home.

Who might be liable in a New Mexico birth injury case?

Several weeks ago, we touched upon the standard of care to which states like New Mexico generally hold doctors and other medical professionals in birth injury cases. Basically, physicians are held to a higher standard of care than an average person would be held to, and, depending upon the circumstances, may be held to the standard of a reasonably prudent specialist in the medical field. But, doctors are not the only ones who might be liable for a child injured during the birth process.

Duty and breach in New Mexico bicycle accidents

This blog has previously discussed the general concept of negligence with regard to traffic accidents. We touched on the basic elements of a negligence action in relation to motorcycle accidents last week. The same elements, however, also apply to other potential accident cases, including those involving bicycle riders. These cases have some similarities to motorcycle accidents, given the fact that bicycles also provide little protection to a rider, other than any personal protection gear worn, in case of a collision. Further, injuries in accidents involving bicycles and motor vehicles can cause major injuries, from broken bones, to head trauma to internal bleeding.

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