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What is the difference between a birth injury and birth defect?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2017 | Uncategorized |

The last possible thing New Mexican parents would want to think about is a birth injury. Unfortunately, birth injuries do occur. Although, most doctors and medical facilities take the necessary precautions to assure a healthy birth, doctors are human, and as we all know, humans make mistakes.

We know this does nothing to help with anxiety, but it is important to recognize the potential of a birth injury and how to identify them. Obviously, newborns are not able to communicate with their parents, but there are still signs that parents can look for to ensure that their baby is healthy.

It is also important to recognize the distinction between a birth injury and defect. A birth injury occurs because of a complication during labor or delivery. This can stem from a number of factors such as improper use of equipment such as forceps or birthing technique. A birth defect occurs during a baby’s pregnancy, not something that occurs during birth. It is estimated that seven percent of all babies born have some sort of defect ranging from mild to severe. The cause of such defects can be hereditary, stem from chemicals and drugs, or can be unknown.

With this in mind, if one believes their child suffered a birth injury, it is in their best interests to speak with a law firm familiar with medical malpractice and birth injuries. They may be able to receive compensation for not only their child’s pain and suffering and their own pain and suffering, but also for long-term or permanent care that may be required for rehabilitation and other medical expenses.

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