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Should your child be compensated for a preventable birth injury?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Every day, New Mexico parents welcome new children into the world. While having a baby can be a scary process full of questions and unknowns, many women and their partners are able to safely bring their babies into the world without experiencing excessive stress or harm. In rare cases, medical problems may cause birth challenges that medical professionals must manage to protect the health of both the mothers and children participating in the births.

In other situations, though, medical professionals may create dangerous birthing experiences that can put women and their unborn children at risk. The failure to properly monitor a laboring mother may result in doctors missing a birth-related complication that could threaten an unborn child’s life. A doctor’s carelessness may result in injuries to a baby or mother during a standard vaginal birth, or during a Caesarian section delivery.

Since so much can happen during the labor and delivery process, it is important for parents to know that they have rights when they or their children experience harm as a result of childbirth. There can be a fine line between a normal birthing outcome and harm caused by medical mistake or a doctor’s negligence. Knowing the difference can take consultation with professionals who have experience with birth injury litigation.

The Jaffe Law Firm recognizes that every new parent should get to leave the hospital or birthing center with a healthy newborn child. However, birth accidents and injuries can happen when doctors and nurses make poor choices and allow mothers and babies to endure suffering that may otherwise be preventable. To better understand the birthing harm a mother or child sustained while experiencing labor and delivery, readers are invited to visit the firm’s website.