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Six vehicles involved in dangerous Albuquerque car accident

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Personal vehicles such as cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles are efficient means of transportation for many New Mexico residents. Many people take to the roads each and every day to commute to work, take their kids to school, and visit businesses and stores where they buy the things they need to live. While most drivers take care to follow the rules of the road and to protect themselves and others from dangerous car accidents, others disregard both common sense and the law when they decide to operate motor vehicles.

Not long ago, a very serious accident happened in Albuquerque that sent one person to the hospital in critical condition. A vehicle that was speeding along Eubank crashed into the back of another vehicle that had come to a stop at a traffic light. The impact of the collision caused the second vehicle to hit two other cars, and the vehicle that originally caused the first crash subsequently also hit two additional vehicles. In all. six vehicles were involved in the crash, and a victim in the automobile that was rear-ended was taken to the hospital with injuries.

Although an official report is still pending, law enforcement officials believe that the driver of the vehicle that initiated the crash was under the influence of an illegal substance. Drugs and alcohol can hamper individuals’ capacities to safely drive and can form the bases of negligence actions when car accident victims choose to sue those who cause their harm in civil court.

Drivers and passengers in five different vehicles were negatively impacted by the actions of one negligent and reckless individual. That person’s actions may have changed the course of at least one of the victims’ lives. People like that may be held liable for their actions if they are pursued by their victims through personal injury-based legal actions.

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