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Birth injuries can result in Erb’s palsy complications

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Erb’s palsy can result when a person suffers an injury to their brachial plexus. The brachial plexus is located in a person’s shoulder, and is a group of nerves that, if damaged, can result in weakness or even paralysis. In certain cases, babies born to New Mexico parents can suffer Erb’s palsy if their delivery room doctors and nurses fail to take reasonable care in their deliveries.

For example, certain factors can increase the risks of a baby suffering from Erb’s palsy due to the delivery. Large babies and babies who do not fit through their mothers’ birth canals, can be more prone to brachial plexus injuries than other newborns. This is because they may experience significant pressure on their upper bodies during labor and may be subjected to interventions by doctors that can cause their necks and shoulders to be damaged as they are extracted.

Additionally, babies who present in the breech position can be more likely to suffer Erb’s palsy complications than babies who are head down at the time of their deliveries. Although advances in medicine have lowered the rates of Erb’s palsy cases in newborns throughout the country, this serious injury can still occur if doctors do not adequately monitor their labor and delivery patients for complications that may cause babies injuries during the birthing process.

When babies suffer brachial plexus injuries during delivery, signs of harm can vary greatly. They may have weak grip strength on the affected side or they may be completely unable to move the side of their upper body where the injury occurred. Since Erb’s palsy can be a serious, lifelong ailment, parents of children who were born with this devastating complication may consider exploring their legal options against the individuals whose possible negligence led to their children’s suffering.