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Crash near hospital claims the life of motorcyclist

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Hospitals are busy centers where individuals of all levels of need visit while seeking necessary medical care. Emergency patients may be brought in requiring life-saving procedures, while others may be registered as inpatients for routine treatments or surgeries. Still others may utilize hospitals’ services for joyous experiences such as the births of children or spending time with loved ones who are on the road to recovery.

There is always movement in and around hospitals with so many people always coming and going. Unfortunately, from time to time, injury-causing accidents can happen at or near these centers where individuals seek assistance with improving their conditions. Recently, a man suffered very serious harm when the motorcycle he was riding was struck by a car while in the vicinity of Lovelace Hospital.

The collision occurred on Montgomery Avenue in the early evening. Investigators believe that the motorcyclist was traveling west near the medical center when the car turned out of the hospital’s parking lot. It was then that the collision occurred and the victim suffered his injuries.

The victim was transported to the University of New Mexico Hospital with life-threatening injuries where he was later pronounced dead. The driver of the vehicle also suffered minor injuries, and law enforcement officials do not believe that person was impaired at the time of the deadly accident.

Collisions between motorcycles and vehicles are unfortunately common, and sadly, result in many serious injuries and fatalities for motorcyclists. As police and other law enforcement officials look into this tragic story, their investigation may yield more information on why this collision occurred and if either party should be held liable for its occurrence. If the driver of the car is found to have acted negligently, the family of the motorcyclist may be able to pursue their losses in civil court.

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