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Were you injured in a bicycle accident? We can help.

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Readers of this New Mexico personal injury legal blog may be familiar with the adage, “It’s as easy as riding a bike.” Although it can take children some time to master the balance and coordination needed to successfully stay upright on a bicycle, once the skills are mastered there is practically nothing more enjoyable than riding one’s own bike down the road. Throughout the state bike riders take to their cycles for a number of reasons, from commuting to school or work to riding for exercise and enjoyment.

Despite the pleasures that individuals can derive from bike riding the practice can be dangerous when negligent and reckless drivers create dangers for cyclists. Every year a number of Americans are hurt and killed when drivers fail to yield, fail to check their blind spots and otherwise fail to operate their vehicles responsibly and collide with cyclists. The injuries that a bicyclist can suffer in a crash with a vehicle can be catastrophic and the costs of their medical treatment and care can be calamitous as well.

At the Jaffe Law Firm our caring staff is available to speak with bicycle accident victims about their collisions and the losses they sustained at the hands of careless vehicle drivers. The firm provides representation to victims of bicycle accidents as well as other types of motor vehicle accidents and at this time is available to accept new clients.

Riding a bike may be easy but recovering from a damaging bicycle collision with an automobile is anything but simple. Let the supportive attorneys and staff of the Jaffe Law Firm help you work through your legal options as you pursue compensation for your bicycle accident losses.