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October 2017 Archives

How should doctors monitor for fetal distress?

The term "fetal distress" generally refers to a lack of oxygen traveling to a baby before, during and after the labor process. It can be a serious complication and when it is left unmonitored and without treatment it can result in infants suffering serious and sometimes lifelong complications. This post will discuss one of the ways that New Mexico doctors may monitor their patients to ensure that babies undergoing the birthing process avoid fetal distress and the conditions that may serve as indicators that fetal distress will occur during labor.

The role of negligence in a bicycle accident case

Negligence is the cause of many vehicle accidents, including those that involve bicycles. When a driver fails to take proper precautions and utilize care in the execution of their driving responsibilities, New Mexico bicyclists can be hurt and even killed. This post will generally discuss negligence in the context of a vehicle-bicycle collision but readers may use it as an informational introduction to the general topic of negligence.

Death of NM motorcyclist leads to wrongful death lawsuit

Power outages are an uncommon occurrence that can introduce confusion into the days of New Mexico residents. When individuals are at home and lose power they may fire up the flashlight functions on their smartphones and search for candles and battery operated devices to illuminate their homes. When they are out on the roads, though, dangers can quickly mount as traffic lights and street lights go dim and leave drivers without clear directions to follow.

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