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Road travel and accidents increase as holidays approach

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Uncategorized |

While some may choose to stay home and enjoy the upcoming holidays under their own roofs, a number of people will take to the roads to visit with friends and family members who live great distances from their own homes.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are the busiest long distance travel periods of the year. Just over 90 percent of individuals who travel during these celebratory times do so in their own personal vehicles, with significantly fewer using trains, airplanes and other modes of transportation to get to their destinations.

Long distances trips during these periods of time range from just over 200 miles to up to nearly 300 miles. Traffic may increase during these times and with weather-related road conditions creating new and unexpected hazards it becomes understandable why vehicle accidents can happen close to major holidays.

It is important that drivers always practice safe habits when in their personal vehicles to avoid collisions with other motorists. However, not all car accidents are avoidable despite the victims’ best efforts.

Unfortunately, many drivers are not as careful as they should be. This may be especially true during the holidays, when many people are in a rush or under stress. And, of course, many people overindulge at holiday get-togethers and get on the road when they are intoxicated and suffering from reduced reaction times and poor judgment.

As the holidays approach, individuals may wish to slow down in order to get to their destinations safely but should also be aware that if they are injured in holiday travel-related accidents they may have options for seeking recompense from the parties who caused their losses.