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What rights do residents of nursing homes possess?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Giving up one’s freedom to live on their own home is not the same as giving up one’s rights to be treated with dignity and respect. Often, though, when New Mexico residents are moved into nursing and care facilities they are subjected to mistreatment and neglect that may amount to abuse. Nursing home residents do not deserve the maltreatment that they too often receive and have rights that they may enforce when neglect and abuse cause them harm.

For example, nursing home residents may not be denied the right to see their family members and loved ones. They may not be prevented from speaking with ombudspersons and advocates who may support them if the residents wish to make claims of neglect or abuse in their care facilities.

Nursing home residents must be able to keep with them items of personal property unless those items may pose dangers to them. They must be allowed to choose their medical providers, be allowed to keep their medical records confidential and must be allowed to refuse treatments that are offered to them.

While a resident of a nursing home, a person may not be put in isolation or denied access to other residents. They must be allowed to request and see reviews of the care facility’s inspection records and must be allowed to transfer out of their facility if they so choose.

These are only some of the many rights that nursing home residents should be allowed to enforce when they enter facilities that will provide them with occupational and medical care. When these and other rights are denied, nursing home residents may be subject to neglect and abuse at the hands of the facilities entrusted with their safe care.