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Why do drivers have so much trouble spotting motorcyclists?

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, from the massive freight-carrying trucks that haul goods all across the country to streamlined bicycles made for individuals to ride. On any given day a New Mexico resident may see cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles of different makes and models commuting through Albuquerque and taking their drivers and passengers to their intended destinations.

There is one type of vehicle, though, that is often missed by drivers who operate on local streets and highways. Motorcycles are two-wheeled forms of transportation that can often be overlooked by individuals who drive larger automobiles. This post will address some of the reasons that motorcycles are often missed by vehicle drivers and how motorcyclists often become the victims of dangerous accidents.

The main reason that motorcycles and their riders are hit by inobservant drivers is that they are relatively small. Compared to a bus or a SUV or even a sedan a motorcycle has fewer wheels and less structure to make its presence on the road known. They can easily slip into drivers’ blind spots and when drivers fail to properly check their surroundings before changing lanes or turning they can collide with motorcyclists.

Motorcycles also can blend in with other details that drivers confront on the roads. When drivers are distracted by other traffic, road construction and other possible hazards their focus might not pick up on motorcycles that are approaching their paths.

Motorcyclists must abide by the rules of the road just as vehicle drivers must do, but it is often mistakes made by the operators of larger automobiles that put motorcycle drivers’ lives at risk. To learn more about pursuing compensation after motorcycle accidents victims may contact their local personal injury lawyers.