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A previous post on this blog reminded readers that not all motorcycle accidents in Bernalillo, New Mexico, end with a driver being paralyzed or suffering from a severe head injury.

Although of course people who do experience these sorts of injuries deserve compensation as well, motorcycle accident victims who suffer soft tissue injuries or other, more “minor” injuries will also need help with medical bills and other expenses.

They may be out of work for weeks or even months recovering from their injuries, and, in many cases, they have the deal with the linger effects of their injury, possibly for the rest of their lives. In short, while these victims are probably thankful the accident was not worse, they still need help recovering, and they deserve this help when their motorcycle accident is the responsibility of another careless driver.

Our law office is there even for the lucky motorcycle accident victims in New Mexico who have a chance to pull all or part of the ordinary lives back together after an accident.

We will assist injured motorcyclists in reviewing and analyzing their legal options, and this will include conducting an investigation in an effort to find additional evidence of another driver’s inattentiveness or carelessness when those factors contributed to the accident.

Furthermore, we will also make sure that there is no effort to minimize a motorcyclist’s injuries simply because they were able to walk away from the accident without paralysis or a brain injury, as we know that things like soft tissue injuries and broken bones can also prove difficult to recover from.