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Warning signs of nursing home neglect

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2018 | Uncategorized |

A family in the Albuquerque area no doubt will only put their loved one into a nursing home after careful consideration, and then only with the expectation that they will be properly cared for and, as much as possible, have their medical and other needs met.

If they found out that nursing home neglect was affecting their loved one’s health, they would no doubt immediately find other arrangements for their loved one and would also do what they could to hold the nursing home accountable.

Unfortunately, though, a nursing home is rarely going to come out and admit to a victim’s family that neglect has occurred and has hurt their loved one’s health. Instead, they may even try to deflect blame or even cover up the problem and then pass off the victim’s symptoms as just one of those things that happen when a person gets old or sick.

As a result, a family should be on the alert for warning signs of neglect, as they may be the only indicators a family has of their loved one’s declining health or untimely death.

To summarize these warning signs, a family should always take notice when there is a change over the short term in a patient’s physical or mental health when that change has no apparent explanation. For instance, a patient or the staff should be able to account for any and all signs of injury to the patient. Likewise, a patient that suddenly shows signs of withdrawal or depression or stops walking should be evaluated further for abuse and neglect.

Also, a family should pay careful attention to how well their loved ones and the loved ones’ environment and belonging are being taken care of. If for instance, it looks like the facility is not getting cleaned or the patient is not getting a regular bath, it may be a sign of neglect in other areas.