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When there is dispute over an injury, it may be time for help

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | Uncategorized |

A previous post on this blog talked about a recent bicycle accident in another city in New Mexico in which the driver of the vehicle involved and a group of bicyclists, some of whom the motorist hit, were blaming each other for the accident. For Bernalillo County residents, this is one of those situations in which having the help of an experienced personal injury attorney in the Albuquerque area can prove to be helpful and even essential for an accident victim who needs compensation for injuries. In fact, our law office encourages our clients to call when there is some dispute about who is at fault for an accident, as this can make a case much more complicated.

There are other reasons we encourage people to seek out the help of our experienced attorneys after an accident. Sometimes, if a person just does not know what to do or how the law works in a given situation, a phone call is tremendously helpful.

In other cases, the involvement of an attorney may be necessary in even a relatively straightforward case if the insurance company drags its feet or offers a settlement that is just not adequate to meet a victim’s ongoing expenses. Cases involving an uninsured motorist should also generally be referred to an attorney.

There are many steps a person should take after a significant car, bicycle or other accident. In many cases, one of these steps is putting in a call to our offices. Simply making a call does not mean a person has to hire us, although many people, after talking with us, decide to let us help them handle their personal injury claim. Talking to an attorney can give a victim direction and peace of mind.