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Major accident in Bernalillo kills three, injures two dozen

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | Uncategorized |

A severe accident on Interstate 25, which serves Bernalillo and the greater Albuquerque area, left three people dead and over 20 other victims of injured. Three of the victims had been critically injured and will have to fight to survive.

The accident involved four vehicles, including a passenger bus that was carrying 35 passengers. The chain reaction accident started when a passenger vehicle rear-ended a pickup. In the course of the initial impact, a driver was thrown from one of the vehicles. The driver of the bus made a sudden move in order to avoid running over the driver or hitting the car. Unfortunately, the bus turned on its side in the process and was also hit by a passing semi.

It appeared that of the three victims who died, one was the driver who got ejected, but it was not clear what vehicle the other two victims were in at the time of the crash. Of the injured victims, 12 were taken to a nearby hospital, where three were listed as being in critical condition. Other injuries included broken bones, head trauma and other significant injuries. Many of the bus passengers were stuck in the vehicle and had to be rescued by authorities.

As this tragic case illustrates, sometimes a simple rear-end automobile accident can end in a great disaster. Ultimately, the driver who, for whatever reason, ran in to the car in front of him or her could be financially responsible for this accident. If that driver happens to have been one of the victims who died, then the other victims may have to file suit against that driver’s estate.