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Bicyclist seriously injured in Albuquerque accident

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2018 | Uncategorized |

A bicyclist who was riding on one of Albuquerque’s streets is fighting to hang on to life after a motorist hit the bicyclist from behind. The driver took off from the scene after the accident. Police are looking for an orange truck with a license plate that has the markings of the University of New Mexico. They say the truck likely has obvious damage to its front bumper.

Once police identify the driver, the driver will be looking at significant criminal charges, particularly if the bicyclist ultimately does not survive this accident.

The Albuquerque area has a reputation for being a city where it is easy to ride a bicycle, and it has specified bicycle lanes for that very purpose. However, as this case illustrates, there is always room for more education in this area, as bicycle accidents are an ongoing problem both in this city and throughout New Mexico.

One person, who is involved in the training of bicyclists who are planning to ride in traffic, indicated that he thought drivers should be required to undergo some sort of formal training about how to operate their vehicles safely around bicyclists.

In the present case, once the initial chaos following this tragedy settles down, this bicyclist or the family should carefully evaluate their legal options. There is no doubt that this bicyclist will have significant medical bills, and, if he or she was working, lost wages as well. Compensation may be available for these and other damages.

If the driver involved gets caught, then the family may be able to pursue a personal injury claim against the driver. If not, the family may still have other options depending on their circumstances and, specifically, whether other insurance coverage is available to them.