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Eight died in New Mexico bus accident

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2018 | Uncategorized |

A horrific bus accident that happened in New Mexico and attracted the attention of both the national news media and federal safety investigators has left eight people dead. All the victims died of what medical experts described as blunt force trauma. One of the victims was the Greyhound driver.

The accident happened on Interstate 40. According to authorities, the first indications are that a semi-truck blew a tire while traveling in the opposite direction of the Greyhound bus involved in the accident. The truck crossed the center of the road in to the path of the Greyhound, hitting the bus head on.

While five of the victims have been identified, authorities are still working to identify the remains of the other three victims. Experts who are investigating the accident are seeking the results of blood tests from both the trucker and the deceased bus driver. They are also processing information from electronic systems on both vehicles. These systems work a lot like airplane black boxes, in that they can give useful information about how fast each vehicle was going and other important information.

This tragic accident has left eight families without their loved ones. Their families will bear emotional scars because of this accident. As the investigation continues, more may be known about the cause of this accident.

It bears repeating even at this early stage that trucking companies have an obligation to keep their vehicles in good repair, and this includes taking reasonable steps to prevent tire blowouts. Furthermore, companies also need to be sure that their drivers know how to respond in an emergency, as tire blowouts will happen from time to time no matter what preventative measures are taken. Drivers and trucking companies who fail in meeting these obligations may be responsible to pay victims after a serious commercial vehicle accident.