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New Mexico car accident injuries two high schoolers

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Two high school students were injured in an accident in Sunland Park, New Mexico. Police are blaming the crash on drunk driving. An investigation is ongoing as to the underage drivers involved in the accident were served alcohol at a house party.

The accident happened in Sunland Park between two vehicles at an intersection. Police say that the drivers of both vehicles were intoxicated when the crash occurred. One of the drivers, operating a Jeep, was not using his headlights and reportedly ran a stop sign. This caused a collision between the Jeep and a Mitsubishi Galant. The force of the impact caused the Jeep to roll over several times.

One of those seriously injured was a standout athlete as this school. Police reported that medical workers had to re-start the teen’s heart twice, and at one time thought that he had died. He is recovering after undergoing multiple operations.

Another teen reported to a friend that she had fractured her spine in the accident. While she was alert after the wreck, she was still listed in critical condition. The condition of the other people involved in the accident is not known, as several of them fled the scene.

Although this happened in different part of New Mexico, this story still serves to reinforce the serious consequences of car accidents related to drunk driving. By now, everyone — even the most inexperienced drivers — should realize that drunk driving is extremely dangerous behavior that can leave people permanently disabled or dead. Victims of drunk driving accidents in turn should determine whether they have the right to pursue compensation for their injuries from those responsible for the crash.