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Albuquerque man arrested after striking, killing pedestrian

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2019 | Uncategorized |

New Mexico State Police arrested a man following a pedestrian accident that claimed the life of an 85-year-old. Police allege that the driver was under the influence of marijuana and prescription medications at the time of the deadly car accident. In addition to an aggravated DWI, the man is also is charged with leaving the scene of the accident.

The accident happened on a state highway west of Albuquerque. Police could not explain why the victim was in the path of traffic, but the driver of the vehicle involved hit the man as he was on his way to pick up a relative. Police say that some of those in the vehicle had been drinking.

After striking the victim, the driver continued on to a nearby casino where he was supposed to meet his relative but eventually returned to the scene of the accident. He told people that while he heard the sound of a collision, he decided not to stop because he did not actually see the victim, or anything else, in the road.

He admitted to officers that he had recently smoked marijuana and was also taking an antidepressant and a medication for his blood pressure. Officers concluded that, while the man had not been drinking, he did likely have marijuana and other prescription drugs in his system. While lab results from a blood test were not available, an officer who specializes in recognizing the signs of a person being under the influence of drugs confirmed the other officers’ suspicions.

If your loved one has been the victim of a pedestrian accident, legal options may be available to pursue compensation.