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New Mexico’s texting ban likely preventing injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Like most of the other states in the country, New Mexico has a law that prohibits drivers from texting and driving. New Mexico’s law is fairly broad and applies to every motorist, not just to inexperienced drivers. Moreover, unlike the provisions of some other states, the law specifically prohibits texting and driving, even when a motorist is stopped temporarily on the road, such as at a traffic light. If a person wants to read a text or send one, then they must pull off the road to do so legally.

A recent study suggests that these laws have had some positive effects on the number of accidents. Any form of ban on texting and driving seemed to be helpful, as even those states with weaker prohibitions saw a four percent drop in the number of emergency room visits after a car crash.

However, the more restrictive the law, the better the results seemed to be. For instance, states that banned all drivers from texting and driving and gave police authority to pull someone over simply because they suspected a driver was texting experienced an eight percent drop in reported injuries.

The recent study goes to show that laws cracking down on texting and driving are indeed well-justified, as they target a behavior which is dangerous and can cause serious injuries. Even so, people in the Albuquerque area may choose not to abide by New Mexico’s ban on texting and driving. If they cause an accident as a result of texting and driving, they may be legally required to pay compensation to their victims.