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A bicycle accident requires legal assistance for compensation

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There is a seemingly endless array of reasons bicycling is a positive activity in New Mexico. Not only will a frequent bicyclist stay in shape, but it is also good for the environment and helps people save money. That aside, there are inherent risks with riding bicycles. A crash between a motor vehicle and a bicycle can cause serious injuries and death to a rider. This is true even if the rider is taking all the necessary precautions and is wearing safety equipment. With the litany of problems that arise after a bicycle crash, having legal advice is imperative to take the necessary steps to file a lawsuit.

The same dangers that confront drivers who share the road with other drivers apply to bicyclists, except bicyclists have greater vulnerability. Recklessness, negligence, speeding, drowsy driving, drivers who are under the influence and a distracted driver can cause an accident with a bicyclist just as easily as it can with a motor vehicle driver. Often, riders are in worse jeopardy because they do not have the protection of a motor vehicle and even those with quick reflexes will not be able to avoid an accident. After the bike crash, the rider can suffer head injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones, cuts, bruises and be injured so seriously that they are paralyzed. It can lead to an immediate fatality.

The need for medical treatment can be exceedingly costly. Hospitalizations, surgeries, long-term rehab and other treatments are difficult enough. When the person cannot work and contribute to a home, it can leave the family with the responsibility to care for an injured loved one. Compensation in a legal filing might be the only strategy to recover enough money to pay the bills and get the care the person needs to recover and lead as comfortable a life as possible.

After a bike accident, knowing how and why it happened is a foundational aspect to a successful lawsuit. If the driver of the vehicle was guilty of a lack of bicycle awareness, was distracted or committed other violations, this can be a vital part of the claim. A law firm that understands all aspects of personal injury cases must be contacted for a consultation immediately. This is an essential part of a bicycle accident lawsuit and there should be no delay in calling for advice.