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While we hate to admit it, summer will soon come to a close. However, in New Mexico, this does not mean that one has to say good-bye to most summer time activities for much of the year. Riding a bicycle is not only a great form of exercise and an environmentally conscious way to get around; it is a form of transportation that is frequently used by residents to get to and from their destinations.

Thus, motorists are often sharing the roadway with bicyclists. While drivers should take note of bikers and drive with caution around one, this does not only occur. And when a driver is negligent, this could result in a serious and even fatal bicycle crash.

At the Jaffe Law Firm, our knowledgeable attorneys understand the devastation that could result because of a bicycle accident. The injuries that result from this type of crash can be severe and life impacting. Therefore, our law firm is focused on helping our clients understand their rights and options after a negligent driver struck them while traveling on a bike.

When seeking compensation through a personal injury action, one must prove liability. In other words, evidence must illustrate that the actions or inactions of the driver caused the crash that resulted in the injuries and damages suffered by the cyclist. Our attorneys will take the time to further investigate the matter, helping uncover the cause and liability of the crash.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s bicycle accidents website. Some of the most severe injuries could be the result of a bike accident. This makes it important for victims of a bicycle crash to understand what rights they have and what actions they can take to address the injuries, losses and damages caused by the crash.