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Nursing home abuse and neglect goes underreported

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Caring for an aging loved one can be a emotional and taxing experience. It can present many challenges, and when one is no longer able to do this on their own, it is likely that they will seek out the assistance of nursing home facilities to care for an elderly family member. While many of these facilities are of great quality, providing excellent care and assistance, some fall short of this expectation. And in some unfortunate cases, elderly tenants suffer harm through abuse and neglect.

Based on current data, nursing home facilities across the nation have failed to report thousands of serious cases where potential neglect and abuse were occurring among those receiving Medicare benefits. Despite the fact that the federal government requires these reports to be filed, this information went unreported or underreported.

Auditors with the Health and Human Services look at situations where patients were transported directly from a nursing home facility to a hospital emergency room. It was found that roughly 18% of these situations were not reported. These matters raise red flags, as these incidents could be related to abuse or neglect. And because so many cases go unreported, nursing home facilities that fail to report cases are faced with significant fines.

But fines do not do anything to help those that were harmed. For residents that suffered harm because of nursing home abuse or neglect, it is possible to file a legal suit. If one suspects that a loved one has suffered harm because of nursing home neglect or abuse, it is important to take the time to explore your rights and options. Filing a civil action could help evidence cause and fault in these matters, while also assisting with the recovery of compensation to address losses and damages suffered.