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On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2019 | Birth Injury |

When parents in New Mexico prepare to bring a little one into this world, they are likely thinking very happy thoughts. It is a joyous time, and parents are focused on their excitement and what life will be like when their new baby arrives. Most parents do not think about anything going wrong or encountering complications. Nonetheless, this is a possible occurrence.

Unfortunately, some complications and medical problems occurring during labor and delivery could be based on medical negligence. When a doctor or medical professional fails to uphold their duties to a patient, this could result in a serious birth injury.

It can be difficult news to hear that one has suffered a birth injury or their newborn has suffered one due to the negligence of a medical professional. And, after going through the birthing process, this news can weigh heavy on parents. This is why the attorneys at the Jaffe Law Firm are especially sensitive to these matters. Our law firm understands how challenging this time can be.

When a medical professional fails to act properly in a situation, this could result in a medical error. Whether it is a missed symptom, misdiagnosis, improper use of medical equipment or tools or being overworked and fatigued, much harm can be caused by even the simplest or slightest error. This is why our attorneys work hard at finding the cause and assessing the damages caused by it. Our goal is to make our clients whole again by holding a negligent medical professional accountable for their negligence.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s birth injury website. The aftermath of a birth injury can be shocking, emotional and challenging to confront. Thus, it is imperative that parents in the Albuquerque area understand their rights when navigating life after a medical error. A medical malpractice action could help a mother, child or both following a birth injury.