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Man, 43, killed in fatal motorcycle crash in New Mexico

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycles are a common sight on the road here and throughout the United States. While most riders and drivers of passenger vehicles will share the road, doing everything possible to maintain safety, accidents can happen without warning. Motorcyclists are at high risk of suffering catastrophic injuries and fatalities in these collisions because of the vulnerability they face. They have no protection other than what they are wearing and that is rarely enough to protect them from severe injuries. After a crash, the motorcycle accident victim and the victim’s family must think about the future and consider a lawsuit to be compensated.

A 43-year-old motorcyclist died after he collided with a pickup truck at an intersection. Emergency crews and law enforcement were called to the scene shortly after 5 p.m. When first responders arrived, they saw the blue pickup on top of the bike. A witness who is also a volunteer firefighter was giving CPR to the rider. Although the first reports of the crash did not specify which direction the vehicles were going, a witness stated that the motorcycle was in the intersection and the pickup turned left at that spot. The rider was thrown into the air. The investigation is continuing and the driver of the pickup had not been charged.

Being injured in a motorcycle accident or losing a loved one in a fatal motorcycle collision can be difficult. With medical expenses, lost income and the radically changed lives that accompany such an unexpected occurrence, there can be confusion as to what to do next. Since riders who survive might need a long hospital stay, surgeries, extensive treatment and never recover fully, the medical costs can be massive. When there is a fatality, the family will need to pay for funeral expenses and face the uncertain future emotionally, personally and financially. A lawsuit might be the only way to recover sufficient compensation for all that was lost.

A fatal motorcycle crash between a pickup and the bike happened at an intersection. The rider was said to have been hit by the turning pickup. As the investigation moves forward, it is wise for the victim’s family to have help in considering their options. A law firm that has experience in helping those impacted by a motorcycle crash may be needed to file a claim and should be called for advice on how to proceed as soon as possible.