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Truck driver says truckers should see cyclists

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2020 | Bicycle Accidents |

For cyclists, there is a tremendous risk when riding around large trucks. Not only is there a massive difference in size between the two, but trucks are so large that they create blind spots where it’s easy for a bike to fit. A trucker may miss a cyclist’s presence entirely and merge or turn, striking them. It all can happen in a split-second, and a fatal accident for a cyclist may be one that the driver does not even realize happened at first.

That said, some truck drivers have pushed back against the idea that trucks even have blind spots. They say that modern mirrors do give them the views that they need — as long as drivers use them.

“It’s not a blind spot, said one driver in an interview with Forbes. “It’s a fail-to-look-spot.”

This underscores an important point: Drivers have an obligation to be extra careful and watch out for bikes. They need to take the time to look properly before ever turning or switching lanes. They must know if a bike is there, they must be aware of bike travel lanes and they must make safety a priority. It only takes a second to look, but it could save someone’s life.

Unfortunately, as with all other vehicles, truck drivers do make mistakes. Cyclists have to contend with this risk every time they ride, knowing that the slightest error by a driver could be the one that puts them in the hospital. Those who do get injured in these accidents then need to look into their rights to financial compensation.