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Bike accidents are declining, but there’s a concerning trend

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2020 | Bicycle Accidents |

When you hear the news that bike vs. car accidents are declining on the whole, that sounds like nothing but good news. And it’s true that fewer people getting into accidents is nothing but positive for the members of the cycling community.

However, there is a concerning trend that goes along with this falling accident rate: The number of deadly accidents has been trending up. So, while there are fewer accidents, a far greater percentage end up taking lives, rather than just putting people in the hospital.

One potential reason for the rise is that more people are getting into cycling for both exercise and as a way to save money and protect the environment. These riders are not as experienced and may end up in serious accidents. That doesn’t mean the accidents are their fault, of course, but just that having more inexperienced riders on the roads raises the level of risk.

For instance, an experienced rider may see a car about to turn left ahead of them and slow down, recognizing the danger. A less experienced rider may simply think that they have the right of way and keep going. And that rider is correct that they have the right of way, but that doesn’t help them when the driver violates their rights by turning in front of them and causing a violent crash.

Regardless of why it is happening, this trend makes it clear that cyclists face serious dangers on the roads all over New Mexico. Those who get injured in accidents may be able to seek financial compensation from the liable parties.