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What care should a nursing home provide?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Helping your elderly loved one move into a nursing home means you and they believe that they cannot live completely independently. The nursing home is supposed to provide support services so that they can be healthy, safe and happy in the center, while still having a bit more freedom and independence than they would in other settings.

Nursing home neglect happens when they do not get the type of service they deserve. It is not direct abuse, but it can still cause harm and can even be fatal. You need to know how to spot the signs of neglect so that you can take action, and that starts with knowing what type of service they should get. Examples include:

  • Comfortable room and board, giving them a safe living space similar to a dorm or an apartment
  • Medication monitoring to make sure they take the right doses at the right times — and of the right medications
  • Assistance with personal care such as using the restroom, taking a shower or getting dressed
  • Access to recreational activities and social activities
  • Emergency care around the clock so that someone can respond quickly when needed
  • Access to food, water and other necessities

Some nursing homes bring in professionals for more skilled types of care, such as physical therapy, but this generally does not fall on the day-to-day staff. If there is an emergency, for instance, the aids may offer what care they can while waiting for paramedics, but there may not be doctors on-site at all times.

If you believe that even these basic needs are not getting met, you need to know how to protect your loved one by taking legal action.