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April 2014 Archives

Drunk-driving accident under Interstate 25 sends 5 to hospital

Most New Mexico residents know that drinking and driving are a bad combination and frowned on by law enforcement everywhere. Driving while under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that affects reflexes and judgment is an act of negligence, one that causes many car accidents. New Mexico's laws are designed not only to punish drivers who drive after drinking but also to serve as warnings to others. Even so, drunk drivers continue to operate vehicles and put their own and others' lives in danger.

I-40 motorcycle crash near San Mateo leaves driver in hospital

Motorcycles are a passion with many Americans, whether in Bernalillo, New Mexico, or elsewhere. The kind of exploration possible on a motorcycle seems impossible with other forms of transport. However, this freedom comes at the risk of receiving catastrophic injuries from even the slightest of unfortunate incidents. The use of mandated and additional safety gear does not completely mitigate this risk, and the motorcyclist always needs to be more watchful than other drivers on the road. Also required is first-hand knowledge of the laws pertaining to motorcycle driving in different states and whether these mandate the use of special safety equipment.

Albuquerque bicycle accident victim taken to hospital

Bicyclists in Bernalillo, New Mexico are subject to the same road rules as car drivers, as is the case in most of America. However, due to the vulnerabilities of a bicycle rider, a bicycle accident often results in a fatality more often than a car accident. Even where a fatality does not occur, the victim can end up with serious injuries.

Albuquerque car accident sends one person to the hospital

Driving after dark always requires extra caution because it poses a greater risk to even experienced drivers. Albuquerque, New Mexico, road conditions may not be easy to gauge at night, and there is always the possibility of being blinded by the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. Victims of a crash at night on poorly lit roads are in greater peril because the crash may not be discovered until after dawn. Some drivers rarely venture out after dark unless absolutely necessary, especially in more rural areas.

Ten employees charged with nursing home neglect

There is a sense of pride associated with how the elderly and handicapped are cared for in a nursing home in New Mexico and other parts of America. The care of those admitted is a matter of special consideration in which no negligence is tolerated. Given that members of nursing home staff are usually trained professionals, any negligence on their part can be construed to be in bad faith and a breach of workplace ethics. In New Mexico, nursing home neglect is punishable as a misdemeanor and, in serious cases, even a felony.

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