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August 2015 Archives

Rare cases of facial birth injuries can be easily prevented

Birth injuries can result in tragedies for the family and close friends of both the baby and the mother. New Mexico residents go to doctors not only to give birth, but also during the pregnancy to make sure that the baby gets the best medical care available to ensure a smooth delivery. However, even with the years of training and studying, sometimes doctors make mistakes during the delivery, which can result in several complications not only for the mother, but also for the baby.

Looking for signs of nursing home abuse can save lives

New Mexico residents sometimes need the services of nursing homes to help them with their health care needs. It is often the preferred choice of health care for the elderly who need long-term medical care and attention. People put a lot of trust in the nursing home staff and health care professionals at these facilities.

Fatal bicycle accident case ends in a plea deal

New Mexico is a state abounding with natural beauty often best enjoyed by a bicycle ride. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents in Albuquerque, New Mexico, have often claimed the lives of innocent bicycle riders. Many of the victims of these bicycle accidents are minor children or young adults who use their bicycles to get around town. Since bicycles do not have many of the safety mechanisms available for cars, such accidents usually have serious, if not deadly, consequences for bicycle riders.

Aggressive driving can cause car accidents

In most contentious scenarios, defaulting to aggression may not be the best means of resolving the issue. The same rule applies when it comes to operating a motor vehicle on the road. However, aggressive driving is a reality that many motorists in New Mexico might have witnessed numerous times. In addition to witnessing car accidents, those people may also agree that the aggressive driver's actions put their safety at risk.

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