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October 2015 Archives

Seeking help after a motorcycle accident

A motorcycle accident can have tragic consequences. In the best scenario, a motorcyclist emerges from an accident with only bumps and bruises. Unfortunately, however, often the results of a motorcycle collision are much more serious, and can even be fatal, as this blog reported in a previous post.

Motorcycle accident leaves woman dead

A fatal motorcycle accident recently claimed the life of a motorcyclist in a neighboring New Mexico community south of Bernalillo. Authorities responded to the fatal motorcycle accident where they discovered the female driver of the motorcycle who was transported to a local hospital. The motorcycle accident victim later died at the hospital as a result of the injuries she suffered in the motorcycle accident.

Common causes of truck accidents

There are many ways in which a car accident can occur in New Mexico. Some accidents involve a negligent driver failing to see a motorcyclist, while other times a car crash may involve large commercial vehicles. Accidents with large commercial vehicles can differ in some ways from other types of accidents. They can involve their own unique set of laws. These laws can play a big part in a judge's ruling in a truck accident case.

Who can be sued in a medical malpractice case?

New Mexico residents often trust that health care facilities will provide safe and quick treatments. Sadly, this does not always happen. Sometimes, medical malpractice, such as nursing home neglect, medication error or surgery error, leaves a victim permanently injured. Victims in these situations may be wondering what legal options are available. In some cases, it may be possible to pursue legal action against a responsible party in the form of a lawsuit.

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