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December 2015 Archives

What are the different forms of Erb's palsy?

People in Bernalillo who are expecting a child do not want to think about the possibility that something bad will happen that might cause a birth injury. When something bad does happen, it can lead to significant medical expenses and long-term problems for the baby that can last throughout their life. One problem that could arise is known as Erb's palsy. When this occurs, it means that the baby might not have the ability to move their shoulder but will be able to move the fingers.

Understanding shoulder dystocia and its complications

Although expectant parents in New Mexico will be excited about the upcoming birth and tend not to consider what can possibly go wrong leading to birth injuries, they are still a looming possibility. One particular injury that can happen to a newborn is called shoulder dystocia. Many might not even be aware as to what shoulder dystocia is or what its complications are. They might also be unaware that it might have been preventable with the proper care from the medical professionals overseeing the pregnancy and birth.

Pedestrian hit in New Mexico car accident

Of all motor vehicle accidents, those involving pedestrians are among the worst. Because they lack the protection that motor vehicles afford, pedestrians are completely vulnerable to injuries in a car accident. A crosswalk collision that might be a simple fender-bender between two cars can easily prove fatal when one of the parties involved is a pedestrian.

A look at nursing home neglect

When a person enters a nursing home, they probably expect to be treated fairly. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the treatment they expect or deserve. Sometimes, sadly, a person may become a victim of nursing home neglect. Nursing home neglect can take many forms and can have unfortunate effects on a victim's life. Victims and their families may be at a loss as to how to proceed following such a regrettable occurrence. Thankfully, victims are protected by certain legal rights, and they can choose to act on those rights in an attempt to impose liability and ensure their future.

Three killed in New Mexico accident with suspected drunk driver

There are few things as traumatic as losing a loved one in a car accident. Understandably, the families and loved ones of victims who have lost their lives in these instances often feel a variety of emotions. Sometimes, they may feel outraged, and wish to hold the driver who caused the accident responsible. This is often the case when the other driver displayed some form of negligence at the time of the crash, including such reprehensible actions as reckless driving and driving while intoxicated.

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