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June 2016 Archives

What should I know about pursuing a NM nursing home abuse claim?

When it comes to the health and well-being of elderly loved ones, like parents and grandparents, top-level care is not just desired, it is necessary. For those loved ones who have not received the best possible care, possibly qualifying for nursing home abuse, this is cause for concern. Injuries and worsened medical conditions can result, if nursing home facilities or staff are not taking their standard of care seriously. There are a few things to take into consideration if a New Mexican finds themselves in this unfortunate situation.

New Mexico child birth injuries should not go unaddressed

Expecting parents have many hopes and aspirations for their unborn child. They wonder what kind of person he or she will be and what kind of things they will like. What most parents could never fathom, is the possibility that their child could suffer a birth injury related to medical malpractice or hospital negligence. How does this affect a child's future and what can be done about such a terrible incident?

Steps to take immediately after a New Mexico car accident

There are few events that can surprise and shock a person as much as a car accident. One moment, one is driving along, and the next they come into contact with another vehicle. Depending on their injuries, those involved in the accident may be no condition to deal with the logistics of the accident. As such, this post focuses on ways Bernalillo residents can ensure a favorable situation, post-accident.

Albuquerque man suffers fatal bike accident, driver charged

The night that an Albuquerque man was struck and killed on his bicycle started just like any other. It was a suitable night for a bike ride, so he did just that, snapping a few photos of his bike and the skyline view, before sharing them on social media. What the man never could have guessed was that it would be his last bike ride. Tragically, he was struck and killed by a motor vehicle on his ride through the city that evening.

How detrimental are bicycle accident injuries?

Bicycling is not just for kids anymore. Many people are hopping on bicycles for their daily commutes, or even just to get around town. The only thing is, bicyclists often share the road with motor vehicles. This would be fine, except, often motor vehicles are responsible for bicycle accidents that cause serious injuries to bicyclists, like broken bones.

Semi-truck accidents cause thousands of deaths every year

Most drivers probably attempt to operate their vehicles with a bit more care when they are near a semi-truck on the highways of Georgia. The danger presented by these vehicles should be clear - they are huge, weigh thousands of pounds more than the average passenger vehicle and oftentimes are transporting cargo that is hazardous. But, sadly, truck accidents involving semi-trucks are sometimes seemingly inevitable.

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