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July 2016 Archives

How do you prove a NM nursing home engaged in nursing home abuse?

Choosing a nursing home is a major decision because one is usually looking for the best possible place for their elderly loved one. But, what happens, when a nursing home breaks all the bonds of trust and nursing home abuse or neglect is suspected after a loved one's injury? There are ways to prove that a New Mexico nursing home partook in behaviors that could be considered negligent for that injury.

Distracted driving causes New Mexico bicycle accidents

Bicyclists are usually the adventurous-type and love any excuse to get out and take their bike for ride. Many commute via bicycle. Roads are available to bicyclists, just as much as larger passenger vehicles. This is why it is so sad to hear about the injuries that can happen to bicyclists when a distracted driver causes a collision.

Compensation available after New Mexico car accidents

Sometimes, there are no words after a catastrophic auto accident leaves one seriously injured. The fact that this could even happen is often mind-boggling. When life gets turned on its head, there is only one thing to do: seek justice. Through a lawsuit, accident victims may seek justice against any person or third party that contributed to an accident that caused serious injury and the compounding issues that follow.

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