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December 2016 Archives

What questions should I ask after bicycle accident?

Whether out for a leisurely ride or commenting to work, bicycles are a popular mode of transportation for many Bernalillo residents. Most make it to and from their destination with no issue. However, for an unlucky few, they are involved in a bicycle accident at some point on their journey. Many of these bicycle accidents are the result of distracted driving behaviors.

Motion to dismiss nursing home neglect case denied by judge

When a person has been injured while in the care of another person, there are many defenses that those accused of causing the injury may attempt to utilize. A national chain of nursing homes has been accused of understaffing to the point where patients suffered injury and even death. When the nursing home and their counsel attempted to have the case 'thrown out,' the motion was denied by the presiding judge assigned to the case.

Medical expenses and Bernalillo car accident injury

There is never a convenient time for yourself or a loved one to be involved in a serious car accident that results in injuries. Life's obligations make themselves even more pronounced at times when a person becomes unable to meet those obligations due to accident injury. Financial obligations, child care obligations and work obligations can make an injured person feel overwhelmed and helpless. The good news is that a portion of these obligations can be compensated for by a negligent party, if such party exists in reference to car accident injury.

Don't leave your child's birth injury due to error to chance

Have you ever heard the phrase, things just happen? Well when it comes to something life-altering like a child's birth injury, this phrase can leave many feeling empty and unsatisfied. It is completely understandable that the parents of a child suffering from a birth injury would be seeking more fulfilling answers to their questions about the causes behind the birth injury. Suspicions about the causes or events leading up to a child's birth injury can potentially be validated by evidence.

What are typical injuries sustained after NM car accident?

When a traumatic incident like a car accident happens to yourself or a loved one, there can be a variety of questions that need answering. Of the most pressing of these questions is surrounding the health and well-being of the injured. Medical treatment and their resounding expenses and access to top-quality medical care is always high on the list for those who have suffered car accident injury. If you are wondering if your car accident injury is atypical, read on.

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