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February 2017 Archives

Motorists continue unacceptable behavior

Education has not been powerful enough to stop driving behaviors leading to car accidents such as texting and driving, impaired and drowsy driving and aggressive driving, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety's Culture Index. In 2016, the AAA, for the ninth straight year, surveyed a sampling of drivers who drove at least once within the 30 days before they completed the survey. These drivers reportedly reflected the makeup of the national population.

Young NM mother's life cut short due to suspected drunk driver

A young mother of four and resident of New Mexico was on her way back from working her shift when tragedy struck. Drunk driving accidents are reported to cause 1 or 3 deaths on roads across the nation - this woman's early death looks to be another tragedy related to this statistic.

Determining a child's 'life care plan' after birth injury

Becoming a parent is one the most joyous occasions in any adult's life. That special moment can become stressful one, when and if, a child suffers from birth-related trauma or an incident pre or post-birth that causes a child serious injury. This injury can affect the rest of a child's life and thus will change how that child is raised by their parents. It can be beneficial to look at the long-term costs of raising a child with a birth injury by determining a 'life care plan.'

Loved ones injured in NM car crash can seek financial damages

It's the phone call that gives people the shivers. One call can irreparably change the life of a loved one and the lives of everyone around that person. When you or a loved one receives a call that there has been a terrible accident, it can be shocking and life-altering. Many accidents, like car crashes, could have been avoided had another driver operated their vehicle with more care for themselves and others around them.

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