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New Mexico motorcyclists rally against mandatory helmet law

Many motorcyclists in New Mexico do not agree with a law that requires them to wear a helmet while riding New Mexico roads. More than 500 motorcyclists took to the road to protest a proposed law as soon a state legislator's proposal requiring all motorcyclists to wear helmets was made public. The proposal also includes a hefty fine for non-compliance.

Helmets help save lives during motorbike accidents

Many New Mexico residents like to hit the highways on their motorcycles and often with their favorite passengers behind them. Unfortunately, most motorcycle accidents have tragic results. The rider and passenger may suffer catastrophic injuries, or if the rider is not wearing protective gear, sometimes an impact may cause death.

New Mexico motorcycle crash claims life of one

New Mexico's motorcyclists often ride as a way to unwind or a way to efficiently travel to work or school. However, these bikers are often unsuspectingly put in harm's way by other negligent drivers. In the event of motorcycle accidents, especially with a bigger vehicle, motorcycle drivers and their passengers are more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries. These injuries may lead to permanent disability or even death.

I-40 motorcycle crash near San Mateo leaves driver in hospital

Motorcycles are a passion with many Americans, whether in Bernalillo, New Mexico, or elsewhere. The kind of exploration possible on a motorcycle seems impossible with other forms of transport. However, this freedom comes at the risk of receiving catastrophic injuries from even the slightest of unfortunate incidents. The use of mandated and additional safety gear does not completely mitigate this risk, and the motorcyclist always needs to be more watchful than other drivers on the road. Also required is first-hand knowledge of the laws pertaining to motorcycle driving in different states and whether these mandate the use of special safety equipment.

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