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The importance of New Mexico automobile accident insurance

In New Mexico, automobile accidents sometimes occur due to a negligent driver or an overconfident driver's incautiousness. Motorists sometimes text while driving, operate a motor vehicle when drunk, drive under the influence of drugs or drive without proper training.

New Mexico minimum auto insurance coverage for car accidents

In New Mexico, automobile drivers are required by law to have at least a minimum amount of automobile insurance. This auto liability insurance is required in order to pay for any liability that arises out of car accidents where the driver who causes the accident is required to pay damages to another party.

Car accident near New Mexico claims lives of two

If drivers in Bernalillo, New Mexico, does not pay close attention to the safety standards while driving, they are actually compromising not only their own life and well-being but also the safety of other drivers and pedestrians. Car accidents often have a serious impact on the victims involved, causing serious injuries or fatalities.

I-40 motorcycle crash near San Mateo leaves driver in hospital

Motorcycles are a passion with many Americans, whether in Bernalillo, New Mexico, or elsewhere. The kind of exploration possible on a motorcycle seems impossible with other forms of transport. However, this freedom comes at the risk of receiving catastrophic injuries from even the slightest of unfortunate incidents. The use of mandated and additional safety gear does not completely mitigate this risk, and the motorcyclist always needs to be more watchful than other drivers on the road. Also required is first-hand knowledge of the laws pertaining to motorcycle driving in different states and whether these mandate the use of special safety equipment.

Albuquerque car accident sends one person to the hospital

Driving after dark always requires extra caution because it poses a greater risk to even experienced drivers. Albuquerque, New Mexico, road conditions may not be easy to gauge at night, and there is always the possibility of being blinded by the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. Victims of a crash at night on poorly lit roads are in greater peril because the crash may not be discovered until after dawn. Some drivers rarely venture out after dark unless absolutely necessary, especially in more rural areas.

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