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Should your child be compensated for a preventable birth injury?

Every day, New Mexico parents welcome new children into the world. While having a baby can be a scary process full of questions and unknowns, many women and their partners are able to safely bring their babies into the world without experiencing excessive stress or harm. In rare cases, medical problems may cause birth challenges that medical professionals must manage to protect the health of both the mothers and children participating in the births.

What is the difference between a birth injury and birth defect?

The last possible thing New Mexican parents would want to think about is a birth injury. Unfortunately, birth injuries do occur. Although, most doctors and medical facilities take the necessary precautions to assure a healthy birth, doctors are human, and as we all know, humans make mistakes.

What is a "teratogen" and how does it relate to birth injuries?

New Mexico residents are likely aware that there are certain things expecting mothers should not do while pregnant. Smoking cigarettes, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and using illegal drugs all contribute to problems with a pregnancy and birth. Nonetheless, there may be circumstances where an expecting mother may not be able to prevent a birth injury.

Who might be liable in a New Mexico birth injury case?

Several weeks ago, we touched upon the standard of care to which states like New Mexico generally hold doctors and other medical professionals in birth injury cases. Basically, physicians are held to a higher standard of care than an average person would be held to, and, depending upon the circumstances, may be held to the standard of a reasonably prudent specialist in the medical field. But, doctors are not the only ones who might be liable for a child injured during the birth process.

What is the standard of care in a New Mexico birth injury case?

The birth of a child is an exciting and nerve-wracking time. When that child enters the world and immediately has health problems, it can be devastating to everyone involved. A newborn should have his or her entire life ahead, so any injury, especially one with long-term consequences, takes a toll on that child's potential quality of life. When such injuries are avoidable, such as those due to medical malpractice of a New Mexico doctor, the situation is all the more tragic.

Determining a child's 'life care plan' after birth injury

Becoming a parent is one the most joyous occasions in any adult's life. That special moment can become stressful one, when and if, a child suffers from birth-related trauma or an incident pre or post-birth that causes a child serious injury. This injury can affect the rest of a child's life and thus will change how that child is raised by their parents. It can be beneficial to look at the long-term costs of raising a child with a birth injury by determining a 'life care plan.'

Don't leave your child's birth injury due to error to chance

Have you ever heard the phrase, things just happen? Well when it comes to something life-altering like a child's birth injury, this phrase can leave many feeling empty and unsatisfied. It is completely understandable that the parents of a child suffering from a birth injury would be seeking more fulfilling answers to their questions about the causes behind the birth injury. Suspicions about the causes or events leading up to a child's birth injury can potentially be validated by evidence.

Birth injuries can result in thousands of dollars of expenses

The birth of a child is one of the most joyous and most celebrated occasions that life has to offer. For most Albuquerque parents, the pregnancy and birth go as planned and they bring their new son or daughter home from the hospital just a few days after the birth. Sadly, a few Albuquerque parents will have to stay in the hospital longer due to the child's birth injury. Birth injuries can be sustained due to preventable or unpreventable events or actions.

Infant suffering from fetal distress could be due to negligence

From the moment of conception, a child's life is precious and needs to be cared for as such. All parents want the best for their children, and that includes the medical care the child and mother receive before and during birth. Any mistake in this medical care could spell disaster for mother, baby or both. Sometimes, these disasters are preventable, which could mean the responsible parties are susceptible to a medical malpractice suit.

New Mexico child birth injuries should not go unaddressed

Expecting parents have many hopes and aspirations for their unborn child. They wonder what kind of person he or she will be and what kind of things they will like. What most parents could never fathom, is the possibility that their child could suffer a birth injury related to medical malpractice or hospital negligence. How does this affect a child's future and what can be done about such a terrible incident?

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