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Bicycle Accidents Archives

What victims in New Mexico bicycle accidents can do

Being the victim of an accident can be disheartening and stressful. Especially when serious injuries are suffered, whether broken bones or ruptured organs, the hurt victim may be so wrapped up in what is currently occurring that they can spare no thought for future actions. This may be especially true after a New Mexico bicycle accident, as injuries are often serious. That is understandable, and the first thing accident victims need to do is make sure that their health is taken care of, and that they let the medical professionals decide what kind and how much treatment they are going to need. However, at some point, there may be the necessity of considering whether someone is liable for the injured person's damages, and there may be some steps to be taken that will help with this endeavor.

Duty and breach in New Mexico bicycle accidents

This blog has previously discussed the general concept of negligence with regard to traffic accidents. We touched on the basic elements of a negligence action in relation to motorcycle accidents last week. The same elements, however, also apply to other potential accident cases, including those involving bicycle riders. These cases have some similarities to motorcycle accidents, given the fact that bicycles also provide little protection to a rider, other than any personal protection gear worn, in case of a collision. Further, injuries in accidents involving bicycles and motor vehicles can cause major injuries, from broken bones, to head trauma to internal bleeding.

Were you or a loved one injured in a 'bicycle buffer zone'?

Bicycles are coming back in popularity as a mode of transportation. Bicycles are an eco-friendly mode of transportation and they offer health benefits to the rider since they are self-powered. In recent years, special lanes have been set up for bicyclists to use as a way to prevent injuries and other accidents. Bicycle buffer zones give bicyclists their own lane and are found on some city streets.

What questions should I ask after bicycle accident?

Whether out for a leisurely ride or commenting to work, bicycles are a popular mode of transportation for many Bernalillo residents. Most make it to and from their destination with no issue. However, for an unlucky few, they are involved in a bicycle accident at some point on their journey. Many of these bicycle accidents are the result of distracted driving behaviors.

Answers to questions after suffering a bicycle accident injury

Bicycling is usually such a care-free and enjoyable activity. It is for this reason that so many Bernalillo residents have incorporated it into their daily commute. While biking to-and-from work can be liberating, a good way to stay trim and cost effective, it can also be dangerous. Certain Bernalillo residents have discovered this fact the hard way when they were involved in a car accident while biking.

Examining liability for bicycle accidents involving children

With the change in season from summer to fall comes the start of a new school year for many Albuquerque families. Many children ride their bicycles to school instead of walking or taking the bus. While most children find their way safely to and from school, some children aren't as lucky and can be involved in a bicycle accident involving a motor vehicle. There are differences in how bicycle accidents are handled when it involves a child.

Distracted driving causes New Mexico bicycle accidents

Bicyclists are usually the adventurous-type and love any excuse to get out and take their bike for ride. Many commute via bicycle. Roads are available to bicyclists, just as much as larger passenger vehicles. This is why it is so sad to hear about the injuries that can happen to bicyclists when a distracted driver causes a collision.

Albuquerque man suffers fatal bike accident, driver charged

The night that an Albuquerque man was struck and killed on his bicycle started just like any other. It was a suitable night for a bike ride, so he did just that, snapping a few photos of his bike and the skyline view, before sharing them on social media. What the man never could have guessed was that it would be his last bike ride. Tragically, he was struck and killed by a motor vehicle on his ride through the city that evening.

How detrimental are bicycle accident injuries?

Bicycling is not just for kids anymore. Many people are hopping on bicycles for their daily commutes, or even just to get around town. The only thing is, bicyclists often share the road with motor vehicles. This would be fine, except, often motor vehicles are responsible for bicycle accidents that cause serious injuries to bicyclists, like broken bones.

New Mexico is second deadliest state for bicyclists

This blog recently discussed protections for victims of bicycle accidents. New Mexico is the second deadliest state for bicyclists. One of the reasons that it is so dangerous for bicyclists in New Mexico is a lack of designated bike lanes, among other reasons. According to a recent report from New Mexico Department of Health, the number of bicyclist deaths in New Mexico, per capita, is second to only one other state and is 50 percent higher than the rate of bicyclist deaths in the United states for the same period from 2010 to 2012.

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