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April 2015 Archives

Safe motorcycling helps in reducing accidents

Motorcycle riders in New Mexico may agree that safely riding a motorcycle depends both on the mental and physical skills of the rider. Riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than riding in a car, because while riding a motorcycle, the rider does not have much protection, the motorcycle is less stable than a car and, because of its smaller size, it is not as visible to other car drivers on the road.

Car accidents: a few things to consider

Car accidents are way too common in the United States. Many residents of New Mexico would agree that despite serious efforts by law enforcement officials, a large number of car accidents still occur. Many of those accidents are caused by drunk or negligent driving, disobeying traffic rules and speeding. Accidents not only cause death, but also serious injuries and, at times, permanent disability.

Reforms expected among New Mexico's nursing homes

A lawsuit has been filed against a leading nursing home chain for not providing adequate care to residents. The attorney general of New Mexico sued the nursing home chain in December 2014, citing their thin staffing as the reason behind the negligence and inadequate care.

Ensuring safe travel for bicyclists in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bicycle riders in Albuquerque, New Mexico, perhaps have cause to be concerned about their safety, especially when they ride alongside speeding motor vehicles. Although section 66 of New Mexico's motor vehicle code grants bicyclists rights and duties similar to motor vehicle drivers, not all cyclists abide by the law. As a consequence, the number of accidents involving bicycle riders is quite high.

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