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Car accidents: a few things to consider

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Car accidents are way too common in the United States. Many residents of New Mexico would agree that despite serious efforts by law enforcement officials, a large number of car accidents still occur. Many of those accidents are caused by drunk or negligent driving, disobeying traffic rules and speeding. Accidents not only cause death, but also serious injuries and, at times, permanent disability.

A car accident can impact a victim and the victim’s family both emotionally and financially. If the deceased or the disabled victim was the only income-earning member of the family, for instance, the situation is even more devastating. Although the maximum legal blood alcohol content level is 0.08%, drivers with a BAC level that is far below the legal limit are still prone to accidents behind the wheel.

If a driver is involved in a car accident in New Mexico, legally, the driver must stop the car at the accident scene and must not leave before the police arrive. If the driver flees the crash site, that person can be held criminally liable. Emergency services also should be informed immediately.

In New Mexico, automobile insurance is mandatory and it helps to pay for damages after an accident. The responsible driver must pay for any damage caused to the other party and, if the driver is not covered by insurance, the vehicle registration of that person may be suspended until the required insurance is purchased. The importance of automobile insurance was explained clearly in an earlier post.

If more than one driver was found responsible for a car accident, the victim or the victim’s family members can file a claim against all responsible parties by filing a lawsuit in court. The offenders also may have to serve prison terms and pay fines.

Our law firm has experience in handling cases related to accidents and claiming damages. The attorneys at our firm provide all possible legal help to the victims and their families and try to achieve the best outcome for claims made for damages related to a car accident.