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November 2015 Archives

Understanding bicycle accident statistics and riding dangers

Many people in New Mexico choose to get around via bicycle. There are numerous reasons for this from getting exercise, saving money on fuel costs, and because it is economically friendly. While there are positives to bicycle riding, that does not diminish the potential dangers. A bicyclist is vulnerable to accidents that can lead to serious injury and even death. Many drivers do not pay as strict attention to a bicyclist as they should, and this lack of bike awareness can cause accidents. It is important for those who ride bicycles regularly to understand the statistics of a bike crash.

What are the differences between birth injuries and defects?

Of course, expecting New Mexico parents hope for the best outcome in birth. Sadly, not all births go according to plan. Sometimes, a child may be born with injuries or defects. These injuries and defects can result in lifelong complications that can have a serious effect on that child's quality of life. What's more, it can also greatly alter the quality of life of the parents, resulting in many additional complications.

A look at federal trucking regulations

New Mexico residents may not be aware of what are known as federal trucking regulations. All truck drivers are expected to abide by these regulations. These regulations become important for anyone who has been in an accident with a truck driver, as a truck driver may have violated one of these regulations. A truck driver who has violated a federal trucking regulation may be held responsible for injuries and damages.

New Mexico hit and run accident victim making recovery

Following a car accident, the drivers involved are expected to remain on the scene until the authorities arrive and all necessary insurance information is exchanged. However, some drivers choose not to do this. Some drivers flee the scene because they are afraid of facing charges. Doing so is essentially an admission of guilt. For victims of such hit and run car accidents, it can be very frustrating to suffer injuries and not have the suspect brought to justice.

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