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August 2016 Archives

Can you sue over an accident if you are partially at fault?

The wind in your face, the freedom of the open road and the feeling you get when riding your motorcycle are just some of the reasons people choose motorcycles over other forms of transportation. Since New Mexico often has favorable weather for riding conditions, some motorcyclists operate their bikes year round. Many motorcyclists are aware of the fact that riding a motorcycle puts their lives and well-being at risk, especially in comparison to other modes of transportation. However, this threat isn't nearly as real as when a motorcycle accident happens to yourself or a loved one.

Rights that all New Mexico nursing home residents have

As loved one's get older, many families find that it is in everyone's best interests to relocate an elderly loved one to a nursing home. Nursing homes can be a good choice because they can provide medical care and any other special attention that an elderly person may need. However, accidents or even malicious acts have been discovered at New Mexico nursing homes, and these acts have harmed nursing home residents.

NM motorcycle accident injury victims can recover financially

Sometimes, just the right events transpire to result in a motorcycle accident. While the odds are good that most motorcycle enthusiasts will avoid injury on their bike, some NM motorcyclists aren't so lucky. When a motorcycle accident results in bodily injury, there can be many expenses related to such an unexpected injury.

Intoxication a factor in fatal car crash, says Albuquerque police

While most drivers get behind the wheel with the best intentions, sometimes something can go wrong that causes a car crash. A recent crash in Albuquerque does not fit that description because one of the drivers is under suspicion of DUI after his involvement in the fatal car crash. Accidents caused by, or related to, drunk driving or intoxicated driving are often entirely preventable.

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