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September 2016 Archives

Motor-vehicle error causes injury to NM motorcyclist, passenger

The day likely began like any other for an Albuquerque motorcyclist and his juvenile passenger. A leisurely ride went awry, however, and the otherwise ordinary day turned tragic. According to reports, it looks like the motorcycle accident may have been due to an error made by a motor-vehicle driver, and, as a result, the motorcyclist and passenger were catastrophically injured.

Examining liability for bicycle accidents involving children

With the change in season from summer to fall comes the start of a new school year for many Albuquerque families. Many children ride their bicycles to school instead of walking or taking the bus. While most children find their way safely to and from school, some children aren't as lucky and can be involved in a bicycle accident involving a motor vehicle. There are differences in how bicycle accidents are handled when it involves a child.

Compensation may be available for victims' medical expenses

Top notch medical care is an important component in the healing process, and this is especially true when a person has been injured in a serious car accident. Injuries sustained in a car accident can range from whiplash to head injuries to even spinal cord injuries, all of which can be very serious. Prompt medical care and a rehabilitation program are essential for the injured person to regain their health. However, this medical care does not come cheap.

Infant suffering from fetal distress could be due to negligence

From the moment of conception, a child's life is precious and needs to be cared for as such. All parents want the best for their children, and that includes the medical care the child and mother receive before and during birth. Any mistake in this medical care could spell disaster for mother, baby or both. Sometimes, these disasters are preventable, which could mean the responsible parties are susceptible to a medical malpractice suit.

Intoxicated driver allegedly causes NM car crash, one dead

It is hard for most New Mexico drivers to fathom making a choice that could put themselves or other drivers on the road in danger. However, this is the choice that hundreds of Americans make everyday when they choose to get behind the wheel intoxicated. A recent Albuquerque car crash brought this very scary scenario to life when a multi-car accident caused serious injuries and a fatality. The driver who caused the crash is also accused of impaired driving, among other charges.

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