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August 2017 Archives

Birth injuries can result in Erb's palsy complications

Erb's palsy can result when a person suffers an injury to their brachial plexus. The brachial plexus is located in a person's shoulder, and is a group of nerves that, if damaged, can result in weakness or even paralysis. In certain cases, babies born to New Mexico parents can suffer Erb's palsy if their delivery room doctors and nurses fail to take reasonable care in their deliveries.

Crash near hospital claims the life of motorcyclist

Hospitals are busy centers where individuals of all levels of need visit while seeking necessary medical care. Emergency patients may be brought in requiring life-saving procedures, while others may be registered as inpatients for routine treatments or surgeries. Still others may utilize hospitals' services for joyous experiences such as the births of children or spending time with loved ones who are on the road to recovery.

Negligent drivers should be held liable for inflicting damage

Most New Mexico drivers have experienced near-misses and other close calls when they have been out on local roads and highways. All it takes is a moment for drivers to miss a stop sign, fail to yield, or take their eyes away from that which is in front of them to cause a dangerous car accident. While vigilance and safe driving practices allow most drivers to avoid the collisions and crashes that threaten their safety when other motorists act irresponsibly, some careful motorists are nonetheless harmed when their vehicles are hit by others.

What standard are children held to during bicycle accident suits?

In New Mexico, and other jurisdictions throughout the country, children are often the victims of collisions between vehicles and bicycles. This is the case because children and their bikes tend to be small relative to the roads that they ride on, and can easily be lost in the mirrors and blind spots of the drivers who encounter them. Children also generally do not have the same capacity for risk aversion as adults, and as such, may inadvertently put themselves in dangerous positons when they are out enjoying bicycle rides.

Negligence forms the basis of many nursing home neglect cases

When a person acts without reasonable care, or without taking reasonable precautions to protect others from harm, then any injuries that result from that individual's actions may, based on the facts of the case, be compensable under a legal negligence theory of personal injury. In New Mexico and states throughout the country, negligence serves as the basis for many of the nursing home neglect cases that arrive in civil courts and that paint the tragic stories of victims who suffered harm while under the care of nursing and residential care homes.

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