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December 2014 Archives

Legal help for motorcycle accident victims

Motorcycle accidents can often cause severe injuries for accident victims. A motorcycle rider may be thrown off the bike due to the impact caused during an accident. Motorcycle accident victims often suffer from spinal cord injuries or head injuries. The attorneys at The Jaffe Law Firm have had decades of experience in such cases and can often help those in need.

Preventing elder abuse in nursing homes and care facilities

Many of New Mexico's senior citizens live in nursing homes and care facilities because of illness and the need for constant medical care that many relatives are not able to physically and emotionally provide, although many would like to. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is also a reality. Too many older residents are victimized by nursing home employees, a fact that some family members never know about.

When bicyclist and car collide, bicycle rider faces grave injury

Bicycles are among the lightest, smallest and slowest vehicles on New Mexico roads. Additionally, bicycles do not require a driving license so they are a favorite choice of adolescent and teenagers. Bicycles, due to their size, weight and visibility are especially vulnerable to accidents. The injuries caused when a bicycle and car collide can be severe and have the potential to cause long-term medical complications.

What are the various causes of cerebral palsy?

Birth injuries are defined as any injury acquired during the birth of an infant. Cerebral palsy is one of the most common forms of birth injuries. Cerebral palsy may be caused due to damage to the head or brain. With cerebral palsy, the infant's brain does not develop in the normal age process.

Teen killed in Belen, New Mexico motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents have been a cause for concern for decades. Because of their relatively small size, motorcycle riders who are involved in a crash can end up suffering terrible injuries. And while New Mexico authorities have taken various initiatives to create public awareness about motorcycle riding safety measures, motorcycle accidents have been on the rise while other automobile accidents have continued to decline.

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